eMalhar.com is a social enterprise providing a marketplace for homemade, healthy food products, cosmetics, spices, and eco-friendly products.
eMalhar.com is a social enterprise providing a marketplace for homemade, healthy food products, cosmetics, spices, and eco-friendly products.
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Spices Subscription program -FAQ


Why are you promoting this Spice Box?

How many of us would love to get spices packed from our Mother’s Kitchen?
Adulteration in spice powders is a widely prevalent concern. Many commercially available spices powders contain poisonous additives like Sudan Dye that can cause cancer. So we decided to do our small part by promoting homemade spices.

How does this program work?

Spice-Box from www.eMalhar.com is a subscription program. Each quarter, the members of this program receive a box of freshly ground, high quality spices. They are door-delivered to you in neat and eco-friendly packing without losing the aroma and goodness.

What is eMalhar?

eMalhar.com is a not for profit Social Enterprise Marketplace for Artists, Artisans, Disabled and Women Entrepreneurs to sell their Handicrafts, Handloom, Art, Jewelry, Indian Ethnic Handmade items as well as homemade Spice-Box and food staples.

Why to get Emalhar subscription Spice-Box?

The items in eMalhar Spice-Box are pure and home made using carefully selected ingredients of high quality. All products are sourced directly from producers, co-operative societies, and processors. Further you do not need to step out and shop these key items as the Spice Boxes will reach your home at regular intervals.
This initiative provides help and support to women and disabled by providing free of cost access to this online platform eMalhar.com.

How do I pay?

You can choose online payment gateway at eMalhar.com

How can I buy additional quantity or other products?

Our products will be showcased on eMalhar.com and anyone who wishs to order more quantity or any other products can order them through the www.eMalhar.com website. Alternatively, you can call/WhatsApp customer care and order through them over phone.

Do you ship outside India?

Currently, we are not shipping outside India. Our delivery is through India Post and we will deliver wherever India post delivers.

How do I sign up for the subscription?

You can sign up through our website www.eMalhar.com or through our Customer care WhatsApp number +91 88489 05116

How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription by sending a message to our customer care number on WhatsApp or through our website help service.

Can I send a Spice-Box as gift?

Absolutely. You can order through the above-mentioned options and then give the address of the person to which the Spice-Box to be delivered as gift. Your gift will reach them with your special message if provided at the time of ordering.

When will I get my Spice-Box?

Your Spice Box will reach you within 2 week's time. But if the delivery services are affected by government covid guidelines, then it might take a little longer.

Is all produce in eMalhar Spice-Box organic?

No. Organic products will be clearly marked on the cover. But all our products are from local farmers who do not use synthetic pesticides.

If I have additional questions, how do I get answers?

Kindly contact our customer service executive on +91 88489 05116 for further questions or additional information.